The Framex Shipping Line Bill of Lading and Framex Shipping Line Sea waybill

These are the terms and conditions of the Framex Shipping Line Bill of Lading and  Framex Shipping Sea Waybill :

For more transparency, the Bill of Lading terms and conditions are available in a large and easily readable version, not only in English, but also in Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

For enhanced security of commercial transactions and prevention of fraud, the Framex Shipping Line Waybill are printed on specially-commissioned security paper characterized by watermarks and other security features.

Sustainability & Environment:

For Framex Shipping Line means delivering business services which contribute to the welfare of our society and to our environment. As is the case in many emerging markets,

Framex Shipping Line started with a strong focus on community engagement and employees skills development via training and awareness programs. Over the past few years we have been developing a more complete and as such a holistic sustainability strategy.

Simultaneously with this strategic business plan that includes action on key environmental and social issues, Framex Shipping Line is making tangible contributions towards sustainable transport with innovative services and new developments in logistics. These efforts are the results of great team work with our Framex Shipping Line Centre. We are at the heart of society and our solutions have a positive social impact. As a result, our employees are proud to work for Framex Shipping Line, where to act in the most responsible and environmentally friendly manner is a paramount objective.


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